Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wall Street Tribune

Hey, did you hear about Murdoch trying to buy the Wall Street Journal? I'm sure our paper ran an AP piece on it. Well now someone else is trying to buy the paper right out from under Murdoch. Supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle and Web entrepreneur Brad Greenspan might combine capital to top Murdoch's offer of 5 bill, which is a damn good offer because it's $60 a share/ 65% premium.

It's a little weird to think of a supermarket operator buying a newspaper. That's like the Lunds buying our paper, which would be really weird. But buying a newspaper is a good investment. Just ask Avista.

Guess what reporters are doing while money makers fight to make their paper more money. Not showing up for work. What is with these people! It's like they want their businesses to perform poorly. I can tell you right now that as soon as either Murdoch or Burkle and Greenspan take over, they're going to see just how many of these people they want to bring with them on the bus. That's the first step in going from good to great. I know it and those guys know it. Not showing up for work really sends a clear message on whether reporters want on that bus or not.

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Aaron said...

I am a big fan of the bus. And you know what? I give you the benefit of the doubt. You are new to the Strib and it is in transition. I don't feel the need to attack right away until you prove you are a sleezeball. I gave Kevin Hoffman the same benefit of the doubt when he became editor of the City Pages. He is a youthful and energetic as well as goal-oriented guy like you are. Some people just don't understand. I am sure Kevin would have the same opinion as you on the slackers you speak of. Why isn't kicking their ass anyway?