Thursday, July 26, 2007

Excel Tip

Some of the best parts of using Excel are the keyboard shortcuts. If you get good enough at Excel and memorize the hot keys, it can be like playing an instrument. I know that sounds dorky, but it's true. Just try these semi-advanced key combos and see how much less you use your mouse and still fly through a spreadsheet:

F4: Repeats the last command you just performed.

Alt,e,s,v: Paste special values (instead of a general paste).

Ctrl-Shift-7: box outline around your cell (or your selected group of cells) for formating.

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Wayne said...

Some of my favourite shortcuts:

Ctrl+(up/down/left/right) - moves to the very end of the column/row, no matter how long it is

Ctrl+shift+(up/down/left/right) - selects all cells between the current one and the last one in the direction you choose. You can also hold shift and use it to select adjacent columns/rows too!