Monday, July 16, 2007

"The Guild does not get to decide who is publisher of the Star Tribune."

That's what Harte had to tell the Reporter's Guild yesterday. I think they forget that. Harte also reminded them of something else, this:

"Star Tribune Chairman Chris Harte said the newspaper's owner, Avista Capital Partners, has full confidence in Ridder."

The story that has those quotes also says the Guild represents about 300 reporters and other people who work at papers. We'll see how many it represents after tomorrow's vote and after Avista keeps me as the Publisher. The report even points out that I just took the spreadsheets from the Pioneer Press so I could remake them at the Star Tribune. It's because they're complex spreadsheets that would be hard to remake. But that's I guess not what the reporters want to think.


Fake Michael Brodkorb said...
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Aaron said...

110-2 vote. SNAP!

Fake Michael Brodkorb said...

Dude sorry for the false start there with my first comment... lousy Blogger! I bet Google's having union troubles too...

Hey man, don't let the GUILD get you down. They just can't stand us media moguls.

You make waves, you try to get ahead, and they just try to keep you down. The workers gotta learn his place. Entrepreneurs like us don't follow rules we break the old rules and make new ones.

Even though you and I may not agree when it comes to politics, a brother's gotta step up for a brother.