Sunday, July 8, 2007

Prince at Macy's

Can you believe how many people waited outside for tickets to see Prince at First Avenue? Those people must be crazy. Didn't they know how hot it was? Or how unsafe it is in downtown Minneapolis, especially by Block E?

If you like Prince so much, why wouldn't you buy good tickets to the Target Center? Or even better, why not go to the release of Prince's cologne at Macy's? At Macy's you could get Prince's cologne and see him perform!

I had tickets to yesterday's Prince concert at Macy's. But I had to skip it. Some friends and I had a late dinner planned by the pool with some friends. And it's a good thing I skipped it. Prince didn't start on time, played more songs than he was supposed to, and the show went late. What kind of respect is that for people who paid top dollar for those tickets?


Anonymous said...

To the write of this satire, Par was indeed there at Macy's.

Anonymous said...

OK, OK, that was my kidnap double,
you don't think I would really show at
a place with those type of people, do you?