Saturday, June 16, 2007

My New Digs

Paul Schmelzer starts in on the house I bought. How many of these internet bloggers are there? They should get jobs at real newspapers and cover real news, instead of waging class war on me.

I'm the publisher of the Star Tribune. If I don't look successful, how will the company look? You can't buy a house that conveys success over night. I was looking at that house before the new management of the Star Tribune had to trim a bunch of employees for the good of the company. Buying Paul Magers's house shows success and so does a solid bottom line at the paper.

I doubt Paul Magers from KARE11 caught as much criticism when he owned the home. It was Magers that added the golf simulator, not me. Did anyone complain then? Schmelzer also mentions the taxes on the property. That's not the only hard part about owning that house. I'd tell you how much it costs to run the air conditioning, but it would be something else for Lambert to complain about.

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