Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Soucheray Attack

Yesterday Joe Soucheray wrote another attack on me. He called me and some management people "bottled water" people. "The Mayor of Garage Town" or whatever he's called also says I should stay in Minneapolis because my management team and I didn't bring anything to the Pioneer Press. That's what I'd expect from a columnist who should star on one of those network sitcoms about "regular guys".

What a jerk. Maybe if Soucheray worked out a little more and drank a little more water, he wouldn't be a dead wood columnist that only tells personal stories or re-hashes old news for his column and his radio show. And maybe if Soucheray and his "newspaper guys" did a better job listening to me and the management, their industry wouldn't be in such trouble.

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Chris said...

If Soucheray is attacking you, you´re probably doing something right. I would hardly worry about criticisms from a "journalist" who uses cheesy garage talk as a way to justify ignorance and racism, and just downright irrelevant stories. The guy is a no-name sports reporter pseudo-celebrity. Dignifying an attack with now two responses is absurd.