Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Wealth of Support

Thanks to everyone who has sent warm wishes to me after hearing about the verdict. As you might have heard, Avista will mostly likely continue with the trial. They're not a group who will just go down without a fight obviously. You can bet that the hacks are pumped about the idea of a longer trial, it gives them more to write about. But I'm still going to take the high road on this and will abide by the judge's decision for now.

A friend of mine who sent her regrets also showed me an internet post that says that a new internet site wants to hire me as a joke. They want me to be their unpaid intern. That shows you what kind of class these internet hacks have. All they can do is report on things that other people do and kick people when they think they are down.

If I was going to work for any new internet blog, it would be Kramer's MinnPost. I've already got the experience managing almost all those reporters, and if I worked there I wouldn't have to pay for any benefits or retirement when they all retire in the next five to eight years. The bottom line would be golden and they could go back to writing the same stories that they have been writing for the last twenty years.

Thanks again to the people who have sent cards and notes and have called. You're the best.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see Par really sit back and enjoy his vacation - get into all sorts of new shenanigans...take the opportunity to start a whole new life. Maybe dabble in the experimentation he probably neglected in college...and of course, he would post about it here.

Aaron said...

Have you thought about starting your own internet newspaper website to set these blogger hacks and media wanna-bes and has-beens straight?

You might be the guy, Par!

Anonymous said...

How goes the job hunt, Par?

Did you include "found by a judge to have breached common-law duty of loyalty" as a bullet point on your polished-up resume?

(Or is Pops handling the job hunt for you, like old times sake?)