Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our Own Paparazzi

Minnesota doesn't need paparazzi. We have internet reporters who will report on the internet any rumor that one of his buddies who still works at a real job emails to him. Just read this ridiculous report from Lambert, who thinks that someone told the Star Tribune editorial board to not support a gas tax for fixing the bridge. He finishes with, "I don't even have ninth-hand as to who that might be."

Great reporting. Keep up the good work. I'm surprised he didn't find a way to slam me in it. (You can just see his earlier post for that.) Like I said, who needs the paparazzi?


Anonymous said...

Hey Par, we hear you have authorized front-page ads at the Strib, beginning with the Sunday paper, and that your motive is to use the primo revenues to keep funding really good journalism. What if the Avista guys see things differently?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Par -- I expect we'll be reading a lot more of your internet blogging now that you're legally barred from the STrib offices.

Anonymous said...

Could this really be the end of Frat Boy neo-Yuppie journalism in the Twin Villages?