Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tag Analysis

I had some extra time this weekend because it was a three day weekend and I used it to do a quick analysis of the tags on this internet blog.

I try to use informative, comprehensive, and detailed tags in order to identify trends in my writings. Here's what I've found. I've used 197 separate tags as of my last report and will clearly surpass the 200 tag mark with this post. At the current rate of tagging, with a constant output rate, I will most likely surpass the 300 mark sometime in late September or early October.

If you look at the tags on my internet blog, you can see that I cover lots of topics. Of the 197 tags, I've used four tags seven times and three tags six times. On the other end of the tag spectrum, I've used 157 tags just once. What's that tell me? That there's a light focus on a few spots, but a diversity of topics on this blog.

There's another thing that's important with this analysis and that's the actual tags. It's great to see so many tags being used, but I should pay more attention to using quality tags. For example, "budget" and "data" only show up once. That's no good. Also, "good ideas" only shows up once. That's just a flat out error!

Now that this tag analysis is finalized, check back to see how implementing the adjustments to tagging will improve this internet blog.

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Ang said...

And then you didn't tag it. You're slipping.